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NASCAR Icon Tony Stewart Lists Indiana Ranch for $30 Million
March 14, 2022

NASCAR Icon Tony Stewart Lists Indiana Ranch for $30 Million

by The CE Shop Team

All Left Turns Lead to Tony Stewart’s Indiana Ranch

Three-time NASCAR champion, Tony Stewart, has listed his Indiana luxury log ranch for $30 million, making it the most expensive listing in state history.  

Tony Stewart's Indiana Ranch
Source: New York Post

Stewart grew up in Columbia, IN, not far from his recent listing. He bought the property back in 2009, demolished the home that was on the property, and spent the following three years building his dream ranch.

“This is truly my dream home,” Tony Stewart said in a statement. “This became my place to get away and relax with my family and friends. We’ve enjoyed every square inch of the land. The best part is that there is always something to do here. The land is great for hunting and fishing, off-roading, or just sitting on the porch and enjoying the stars at night. It is the perfect blend of entertainment and relaxation.”

Stewart’s Ranch Rundown

Located in Columbus, IN, this ranch sits on a whopping 415 acres of land. Nicknamed Hidden Hollow Ranch, the main home is 19,714 sq. ft. and boasts stunning amenities and details.

Tony Stewart's Indiana Ranch
Source: New York Post

The Key Features of Tony Stewart’s Indiana Ranch:

  • 6 bedrooms
  • 11 bathrooms
  • 8,700-gallon freshwater indoor aquarium
  • 1,500-gallon stream stocked with koi fish flows beneath the home’s entryway
  • 3,500-sq.-ft. guest home
  • 415 acres of private hunting land
  • 9-acre stocked lake
  • Home gym
  • Bowling alley
  • Game room
  • Golf simulator
  • Two-story waterfall

The ranch looks more like a Cabela’s than a typical home, and it’s catching the attention of both commercial and residential buyers, which is fitting given that the future property owner has the option to turn this building into a business. The property is legally zoned as a hunting preserve as well as a bed and breakfast.

Tony Stewart's Indiana Ranch
Source: New York Post

“The very first time I visited Hidden Hollow Ranch, I was absolutely floored,” real estate agent Carrie Holle said in an interview with the Robb Report. “This one-of-a-kind luxury cabin has everything you could ever imagine, and then some.”

And this is no understatement. Tony Stewart’s Indiana ranch not only offers over-the-top amenities but also shows great attention to detail, which makes this mansion the perfect retreat after a long day in the Indiana wilderness. 

Tony Stewart's Indiana Ranch
Source: New York Post

Breaking Into the Luxury Real Estate Market

Have you dreamed about touring and selling impeccable properties like Tony Stewart’s ranch? Becoming a luxury real estate agent isn’t impossible, but it does take a lot of hard work and dedication to serve clients whose time is quite literally money. 

As exemplified by Stewart’s Cabela’s lookalike, each luxury property is unique, and becoming a successful luxury real estate agent requires vision and the ability to highlight each property’s one-of-a-kind features. It’s also worth noting that, while the commission checks tend to be larger for luxury real estate agents, they’re also less frequent. These glamorous homes often appeal to a smaller audience who typically take years to locate and then successfully navigate the purchasing process.

If you’re interested in becoming a luxury real estate agent, we have a guide to help you break into this lucrative niche.

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