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Real Estate License: Day of the Exam Tips
May 1, 2019

Real Estate License: Day of the Exam Tips

by The CE Shop Team

Here Are Some Quick Study Tips for Your Real Estate Licensing Exam

The day of your licensing exam can be an anxiety-riddled nightmare. We get it. That’s why we created this simple Quick Day of the Exam Tips guide so when the day actually arrives, you’re mentally prepared to dominate.

Study Tips for the Real Estate Exam

Tip #1: Get a Good Night’s Rest

Common knowledge fueled by 50 years of research says getting less than the optimal 7-8 hours of rest the night before the exam is not ideal. But we know it’s easier said than done. Anxiety, nerves, and fear sometimes prevent against obtaining this magical number. Here are some suggestions for getting your best night’s sleep so you perform on the exam:

  • Download a Meditation App

Meditation is a proven method for not only getting a good night’s rest, but obtaining a confident mindset when dealing with a challenge. Some good apps are Headspace, Calm, and The Mindfulness App.

  • Stay Away From Screens Before Bedtime

Studies indicate that staying away from electronic screens up to an hour before you go to bed leads to a better night’s rest. This research also strongly suggests not looking at your phone in the middle of the night. The blue light emitted from the screens artificially reduces the production of melatonin, the hormone necessary for falling and staying asleep.

  • Eat Healthy

The stomach and the brain are directly connected. Thus, when you eat well, your brain does well. It’s science. Having a calm stomach the night before allows for a much better opportunity to get a good night’s rest. In other words, don’t eat two pounds of parmesan garlic boneless chicken wings at midnight like you did in college. Stick to simple, healthy foods and you’ll prime yourself to succeed.

Tip #2: Arrive Early

There’s no need to add extra stress to your day by running late to the exam. Give yourself a suitable amount of time to get yourself up, your mind up, and your anxiety down. And if you’re really up for it, do a practice drive the day before. It might seem like a waste of time, but it’s also a fantastic way to familiarize your mind instead of wasting brainpower on dealing with driving directions.

Tip #3: Bring Your Supplies

Review your Candidate Handbook to see what you’re allowed to bring (for instance, a calculator or pencil may or may not be allowed) and everything you must bring (e.g., multiple forms of I.D., credit card or checkbook, and proof of pre-licensing course completion). This may seem obvious, but it’s usually the small, pedantic items like these that we forget.

Tip #4: Don’t Panic

It’s normal not to know the first question(s) on an exam. The problem usually stems from us not being familiar with the exam, or other issues like anxiety. The best thing to do is to keep calm and carry on. In other words, keep moving to other questions that you have an immediate grasp of. Then, when finished, circle back around to the questions you skipped. There’s a very good chance that seeing those questions a second time around will allow your brain to process better, and answer correctly.

Tip #5: Confidence Opens Neuron Receptors

The great thing about Exam Prep Edge is it provides an unlimited amount of practice exams with real-time feedback assessing your competency level. Having that extra boost of confidence from practicing questions and receiving feedback will get those neuron receptors firing on all cylinders, helping you comprehend and correctly answer every question come exam day.

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