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Is Online Mortgage School Right For You?
June 8, 2022

Is Online Mortgage School Right For You?

by The CE Shop Team

Choosing the Right Education Will Set You up for Success 

Being able to make decisions about when and how you study is both empowering and convenient for professionals, which is why online education is a no-brainer. With a hot real estate market and a need for professionals in the real estate and mortgage spaces, many people are looking are looking to work in these industries.  

The CE Shop offers online Pre-Licensure and Continuing Education courses, as well as an Exam Prep program, to allow mortgage professionals to keep up with their education requirements from the comfort of home. We’re proud to offer a convenient online option for getting your mortgage education, while also giving you the tools to succeed in the mortgage industry.

Online Mortgage Courses vs. In-Classroom 

There are pros and cons to any decision in life, and choosing between online courses vs. in-classroom learning for obtaining your Mortgage Loan Officer license is no different. 

The pros to The CE Shop’s mortgage courses include: 

  • Flexibility for your schedule because our online courses are accessible 24/7
  • Convenience and a great product experience with inquiry-based content that’s engaging and delivers what you need to become a licensed and successful MLO
  • A mastery-based advancement approach and linear content progression
  • Support available seven days a week from one of our trained Course Advisors.

Finish on Your Own Schedule 

How quickly you finish your mortgage education is up to you. That's the beauty of mortgage education - you pick your schedule and as long as you fulfill the required hours, you’re good to go. When you choose The CE Shop for your real estate education, there’s a study schedule per course to plan out how many hours you need to complete. You can track your progress in terms of the courses and hours you need before you get your Mortgage Loan Officer license. 


The top mortgage schools are ones that typically cover all products, offer phone/online support, and offer expertise on national and local subject matters. What makes The CE Shop one of the best online mortgage schools is the free demo course and Mortgage Essentials resources that are available to all prospective students. You’re able to reach out to support 24/7, enabling you to get your questions answered promptly. 

Is Online Mortgage School Right For You?

What Are Your First Steps to Starting Mortgage Education? 

Here’s a quick overview of the steps you should take when choosing and starting your mortgage education. 

  1. Choose your school 
  2. Sign up for the courses you need 
  3. Put together a plan that works for you 
  4. Utilize available resources 
  5. Complete your course 

Your first step towards your Mortgage Loan Officer license is education, making your choice an important one. With The CE Shop you can feel confident that you'll meet your requirements while obtaining excellent education that will support you throughout your career.

Ready to Further Your Education With The CE Shop? 

Our Continuing Education courses are written by mortgage experts with decades of experience. Stay up to date on your requirements with our 100% online curriculum that’s one of the most diverse and groundbreaking in the industry. And if you want to network with your peers, join our Facebook group and get connected