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Recent Resources

How to Prepare for Mortgage Pre-Approval
by The CE Shop Team

When applying for and obtaining a mortgage loan, your lender will require certain documents to be presented. Which documents will you need for mortgage pre-approval?

Everything You Need to Know About Refinancing
by The CE Shop Team

Refinancing is top of mind for many homeowners as interest rates remain at historic lows. So, what are your refinancing options, and should you refinance now?

I Passed the SAFE MLO Test…Now What?
by The CE Shop Team

As a new Mortgage Loan Officer, you’ve successfully passed your SAFE MLO test, but what should you do next? The first step in finding lasting success in the mortgage industry is to read this guide.

A Comprehensive Guide to Filing Taxes With a Mortgage
by The CE Shop Team

Are you a new homeowner looking at tax season with a sense of confusion and doom? Don’t worry, we have a guide to take you through filing taxes with a mortgage. 

What Are Mortgage-Backed Securities?
by The CE Shop Team

Mortgage-backed securities play a crucial role in the journey of your mortgage. But what are mortgage-backed securities, and what role do they play in the mortgage industry?

What Do Mortgage Rates Look Like After the First Quarter of 2022?
by The CE Shop Team

Mortgage rates change continuously, the past few months included. So what can we expect mortgage rates to do in the upcoming spring and summer seasons?

What Is the Secondary Mortgage Market?
by The CE Shop Team

Curious about what happens to your mortgage after you’ve closed? Let’s take a look at the secondary mortgage market and how it affects your mortgage.

What Is a Commercial Real Estate Loan?
by The CE Shop Team

Those looking to buy a home often get approved for a mortgage. The same is true for commercial real estate purchases, but there are some key differences.

Tax Deductions You Can Utilize With a Mortgage
by The CE Shop Team

Filing taxes can be daunting, especially when you add a mortgage into the mix. We’ve outlined some things you should know about deductions this tax season.

Credit Scores: Hard Inquiry vs. Soft Inquiry
by The CE Shop Team

When referring to credit scores, you’ll often hear the terms “hard inquiry” and “soft inquiry.” What do each of these terms mean, and how do they affect your credit?