Illinois Continuing Education Course: Illinois Core (2020/2021 Renewal)

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Illinois CE:Illinois Core (2020/2021 Renewal)

Illinois Core (2020/2021 Renewal)

4.0 Total hours
0.0 Elective hours
4.0 Core/Mandatory hours

The Real Estate License Act of 2000 provides the solid foundation upon which Illinois licensees build their real estate practice. As consumer needs change, the act evolves in order to accommodate those changes, so it’s important for licensees to stay abreast of the latest amendments to the legislation, as well as the actions that are deemed unprofessional, the grounds for disciplinary action, and the proper handling of escrow funds. Agency relationships, brokerage agreements, and required disclosures can be confusing to consumers, so this course reviews these topics to better prepare licensees to explain them and thus better serve the public. A review of fair housing ensures that licensees approach consumers fairly and are equipped to avoid fair housing violations.

This four-hour course assures that Illinois brokers are up to date on the latest real estate-related laws and regulations, that they’re able to competently explain agency relationships and options to consumers, that they know how to properly handle escrow funds, and that they apply appropriate fair housing procedures in their practices, advertising, and everyday interactions with consumers.

The course meets the Illinois mandatory requirement for the Core Course for brokers.

Course highlights include:

  • An overview of the history behind and changes to the Real Estate License Act of 2000
  • A review of the act’s general requirements and what the law considers to be unprofessional conduct warranting disciplinary action
  • An in-depth review of agency law (including leasing agent law), agency relationships, and required disclosures
  • A review of the types of agency agreements allowed in Illinois, and the minimum services required of each
  • A review of the required property, environmental, and compensation- and business-related disclosures
  • An overview of escrow accounts, how escrow funds must be handled, and appropriate practices if funds are disputed
  • A brief history of fair housing-related legislation and the protected classes at the federal, state, and local levels
  • A discussion of appropriate fair housing practices
  • A review of advertising requirements for different types of media