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Learn more about these proven study tips for your upcoming real estate licensing exam
April 30, 2019

Easy-to-Follow Study Tips for Acing Your Exam

by The CE Shop Team

Get Prepared For Your Licensing Exam with These Effective Study Tips

First off, we’d like to say congratulations on passing your course final. You put the hours in and earned your place to sit for your state’s licensing exam. Pat yourself on the back.

Now, let’s move past our own self-congratulatory smugness and get down to these proven study tips so you can crush your exam. Shall we?

Tips for Studying for the Exam

Tip #1: Write It Down

Everyone has different study habits, but one method has been scientifically proven to increase recall: writing your notes down. Yes, there is a large time consideration, which is why we suggest figuring out your competency in each area through the initial assessment at the beginning of Exam Prep Edge. Once you figure out which topics you need to work on, you can concentrate your time on creating notes for those subjects. Flashcards, study sheets, and other memorization mechanisms–which we discuss below–are fantastic tools for preparing yourself.

Tip #2: Familiarize Yourself with the Candidate Handbook

Each state provides a Candidate Handbook that outlines everything you need to know for your exam. However, it’s a very lengthy text that takes a considerable amount of time to comb through. Fortunately, we have another solution: Exam Prep Edge. Our experts took apart your state’s Candidate Handbook and made it interactive, making studying easier and more efficient.

Tip #3: Remember Acres and Miles in Feet

For those who don’t know, a square foot per acre is 43,560 and foot per mile is 5,280. Trust us on this. There will be at least a few questions where this will come in handy.

Tip #4: Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to prepare for an exam is to practice, practice, practice. Oh, and practice some more. Attempting several practice exams – even if you believe you’ve already mastered the material – will help you mentally prepare to succeed on exam day.

Tip #5: Always Remember What Frankie Goes To Hollywood Said...

When it comes to the exam, “Relax”. There’s a good chance the first few questions might seem foreign or difficult, especially for the start of the test. This is completely normal. It’s not uncommon to fully prepare for an exam, only to see jibber-jabber in your head. Much of this confusion is merely your brain getting used to the test. Our best tip here would be to quickly skip the first few questions that seem confusing or difficult and come back to them later. This will help prevent any panic or anxiety, especially when you circle back around and see them for a second time (Hint: Everything makes a little more sense the second time).

Tip #6: Try Memory Devices and Word Associations

As we get older, our memories become less “spongy”. Using acronyms and other mnemonic devices will help you remember keywords featured on the exam, and later in your career. Once you create a working memory of these different terms, you’ll not only set yourself up to succeed on the exam, but in your career as well. To learn about the many different memory device mechanisms to fit your learning style, you should check out this very helpful site.

Tip #7: Exercise On Your Study Breaks

Bet you’ve never heard that on a study tip sheet before. Research has shown after 20 minutes of vigorous exercise, certain parts of our brain dealing with memorization and critical thinking skills ramp up. Getting into a workout routine a month before the exam will not only help you perform better on the exam, but will give you a healthy study break for uplifting your mood.

Tip #8: Don’t Pull An All-Nighter

We’ve all done it, and suffered the immediate consequences. Plain and simple, for most people all-nighters don’t work. If anything, studies have shown if you can space out your study schedule and fully know the material 2-3 days before the exam – and then not look at the material until you see it on the exam – you’ll have a better chance of passing than staying up until the break of dawn fueled by your 15th Red Bull.

Following these tips do not guarantee a pass, but are proven methods that will put you in the best position to succeed. We at The CE Shop would like to personally thank you for choosing us as your Pre-Licensing course provider and wish you all the luck on the coming exam.

To get fully prepared through in-depth topic lessons and unlimited practice exams, check out our brand-new Exam Prep Edge program. Covering all the topics you need to know with unlimited practice exams and competency gauges, this program is specifically designed to help you prepare to succeed on exam day.

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