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Kentucky Continuing Education Requirements:

Total Hours National State
You Need: 8 7 1
We Offer: 8 7 1

Kentucky Requirement Detail for Mortgage Continuing Education

Hours Required by the State: 8 hours 

  • 3 hours of federal law

  • 2 hours of ethics

  • 2 hours of non-traditional mortgage lending

  • 1 hour of state-specific education

An MLO who has completed their pre-licensure education (PE) course requirements in the same year in which the license was approved, is not required to complete CE.

Course Duplication:

A licensee may not take the same CE course two years in a row. 

Seat Time:

Seat time will be enforced and our online course delivery system manages this requirement.

NMLS provider #1405076

Course Completion Reporting:

Mortgage course completions are reported to the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry (NMLS).  

Kentucky licensees are required to complete their CE courses by November 30. 

The NMLS recommends completing CE prior to the deadline as licensees are unable to apply to renew their license if their CE is not complete.

The CE Shop will report credits to the NMLS within 7 business days of course completion.

Kentucky Contact Details for Mortgage Continuing Education

Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions
Phone: 502-573-3390

NMLS Resources for Mortgage Continuing Education

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